Saturday, February 23, 2008

Flickr Group

We have a Flickr group now for posting your apron pictures.
It is open and you can join in and post your apron pictures with the whole group.
What is a flickr group? Flickr is a place where you can load up your photos to share on your blog. It is free for you and is a great way to store and share your photos.
Please take pictures of your aprons as you make them and send them. You can also take photos of your apron when you get it and share with the group. This is your opportunity to really thank your swap partner for working so hard for you. All the people in our swap have worked very hard and been very thoughtful in their apron choices. Please honor that effort by posting nice things. If you have a flickr account you can go to the Organize feature and drag and drop the photo you want to share into the group.
I hope that helps some of you.
We already have an apron listed in the group. Go see it! The chicken fabric is making me crazy. I love it!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Aproning Insentive!

OK Ladies, I have been waiting on the right moment to share this bit of information with all of you.
Momo's Retro Fashion
Isn't this apron just too much fun!! It could be yours!
The lovely Joan of
Momo's Retro Fashions
at Etsy, has offered to donate one of her marvelous aprons as a gift to one of our Sassy Apron Swappers. She was unable to join the swap this time around but still wanted to participate.
Here is how it works.

If you participated in the Spring Sassy Apron Swap and make and ship off your apron to your partner
before March 1st,
you will be eligible to be put in the drawing.
I will draw the apron winner on
Saturday March 8th.

YOU will then get to choose which apron from her site you want and she will ship it to you. I will be doing all the contacts with her.

SO...... It is very important that ALL of you contact me (with an email not a post here)
that you have sent your apron
that you have received your apron from your partner.

If you are sending your apron overseas you may want to send it out early to make sure that it gets to your partner in a timely fashion.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Please check your SPAM folders for your swap partner information. I have send them all out and have double checked every single one of them twice. If you haven't recieved the email, it just might be in your spam folder.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Done and Swapped

Ok everybody, I have finished swapping everyone out and sending out the e-mails.
I was not prepared for the size of response we got and I KNOW that I have made some mistakes. I am a complete idiot at times!!! Sooo......
If I sent you
2 partners,
no parter,
or sent you your own name (yes I am that stupid!)
Please let me know and I will fix it.
My fear is that I might have given the same name to 3 people so some lucky lady out there will get a ton of apron (I don't think I did but it could happen).
If for some reason you have to drop out, PLEASE let me know ASAP so I can juggle things around and make sure everyone gets an apron that makes one.