Monday, March 31, 2008

Summer Sassy Apron Swap Sign Ups Now Open


Yippee! It is time to Sign up for the
Summer Sassy Apron Swap!!
I know I said tomorrow but I wanted to do this now while I have time. Tomorrow is a busy day! No Joke!

The Theme for this swap is SUMMER. You will make an adult size apron with that theme.
Please try to remember that there is a THEME. In the last swap some of the swappers forgot that it was a themed swap.
How do you do summer in an apron? Think color, think flow, think picnics, .... what do you do in the summer time? (when all the world is green) sorry it was singing in my head and had to come out!
The apron has to be hand-made. It doesn't have to be made by your hands but doesn't have to be made by hand not manufactured.

I need to add some swapping etiquette here. I am sorry to have to do this but it is necessary after the last swap.

- Pay attention to deadlines. You MUST send your apron out on time or I won't be able to let you play again.

- Your partner will be working very hard to make something for you. We have all levels of sewing ability here. Please be kind to our newbies. You really should contact your partner after receiving your apron and tell them THANK YOU! If you can't get to their blog, you should have a return address on the box your apron comes in. Send them a note, email, or blog post to let them know you got it and to say thank you. I had so many people this time feel sad that they never heard if their partner liked their apron or not.

-If you feel that you can't make it for what ever reasons, LET ME KNOW. I can work with you and if you have to drop out, it will give me time to get a substitute aproner to fill in.

- If I don't hear back from you in a timely manner - meaning I have tried to contact you multiple times and have received NO answer when I send out partners, I will assume you have dropped and will remove your name and move on.

ENOUGH SAID! Let's have fun now!

Here is the list of Requirements for your apron.

  • Summer themed.
  • Made from pre-washed and dried fabric (so there is no shrinking or bleeding of prints later)
  • The apron has to have some sort of embellishment this time like Ric-rack, fancy trims, decorative stitching, BUT must be washable so NO GLUE.)
  • The apron has to be Adult Sized (you will get your partner's size)
  • Included with your apron must be a dish or tea towel. It doesn't have to be hand-made but that would be nice. Something that goes with your apron.
  • Also you are to include the recipe for your favorite NON-ALCOHOLIC summer beverage. (sorry we are a family site) hee hee.

When is the apron due? Aprons must be mailed out by June 1st at the latest.

Deadline to commit to the swap - April 15th. That gives you 2 weeks to decide and we need something better to look forward to on the 15th than Taxes!

To sign up for the swap you must send me an e-mail at byrdhouse1(at)windstream(dot)net.
I will collect all the names, swap them out, and then post you an e-mail listing your partner's information.

Include the following in the e-mail:

1) Your name (and your screen name if it is different so I know who is emailing me!)

2) mailing address

3) blog URL (this is not required but highly recommended, it may become a requirement in future)

4) email address

5) Please indicate if you are willing to ship internationally or not

6) You must include your dress size. I am sorry but this is important. It is very hard making an apron for someone when you have no clue what size they are.
You may also include some likes and dislikes to help your partner make their fabric choices.

7) This bit is new. You may list people you would rather not swap with. That sounds bad BUT many of you have now swapped with each other here and other places. There are also siblings, in-laws, parents and children in this swap and I can understand you wanting to meet new people so please fill in names here so I can more easily double check.

There is no limit to how many people can enter this swap (yet). I don't like to be left out and don't want to leave others out.
This swap will be run just like the last one where your partner is a surprise. We had just a few more people vote for that and I was waiting on your opinion.

I can't wait to see who signs up this time!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Please Vote!

I have been thinking really hard about the next swap. I would like to consider your opinion in the matter. I have installed a poll on the Side Bar. Please go vote.
Here is what I have been thinking about. I have enjoyed the surprise that this swap offered of not knowing where your apron was coming from. However, it has been stressful trying to keep track of all the loose ends (for me and for those that still don't have an apron).
So I would like to know what your opinion is.
Should I do this next swap the same as the Spring swap where your partner is a surprise,
Should I swap everyone out one on one so that you know who your partner is and give to the one you receive from?
The Poll is open through the 31st so please quickly vote.
Added 3-30-08
Don't worry about the work load for me. Either way has is pluses and drawbacks. I just want to know what people's preferences are. I am working on some new rules that will help with the delinquent aprons.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Here is the apron that Kristen W picked out from Momo's Retro Fashions.

Isn't she a Lucky Duck!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Next Swap Date

OK Ladies,
As I am wrapping up this last swap I have learned a thing or two about swapping that never occur ed to me before. I will be hopefully remembering and using this information for the next swap. I am going to run it just a little differently to see how we like that option.
I will be posting the official sign-ups on April 1st, 2008.
No Joke! Don't try to sign up now, I might lose your information between now and then. :o) The rules and conditions will be slightly different.
However, I am sorry to say that if you didn't send your partner an apron this time and didn't contact me to make arrangements, you will not be able to play next time. Also if you do not keep in contact with me next time (that means I don't hear right back from you when I send out the swappings) I will think that you are not playing and just might have to drop you. Everyone has been putting so much effort and thought into doing this and it is only fair to make sure they get a great apron too. Also this is eating up hours of my day everyday that my family does need so hopefully with some better communication in place, we can run the next swap even more efficiently. :o) (a girl can dream!)
Anyway, I look forward to see who is playing on April first.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Have You Recieved?

As much as I LOVE working with all of you on this swap, I do have a life. Hee Hee. I really need to know when you have received your aprons so I can check them off my list and rest easier at night and not worry that someone out there still doesn't have their apron.

I hate to have to be looking at these numbers but there are still 2 people that haven't contacted me about sending off their aprons. I also know that their partners haven't received them either. Please, if you haven't contacted me about sending off your apron, do contact me. If you have run into trouble, I am sure we can work something out.

I am also waiting to hear back from 57 of you about when you received your apron. I know that several of the aprons were sent out this week so if you haven't got it yet, don't despair, it should be on it's way. If you have received your apron but just haven't let me know yet, please check in and tell me.
P.S. I like e-mails and like posts here to let me know, but PLEASE, which ever way you choose to let me know, attach your name. Web names don't help me and just your blog addy isn't enough to trigger my poor memory. Remember there are 170 you and I have trouble remember my children's names. hee hee Thanks for your help.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

And the Winner Is .....

Kristen W.

We had 97 people turn their aprons in on time. That is Marvelous!!
Thank you so much!

I am contacting Kristen to work out the details.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Flu

I have contacted everyone that I haven't heard from yet. There has been some pretty terrible flu going around here in the USA. Many of our swappers have been hit very hard or their families have. I got a really deep cough but missed the chills and fever. My family got hit though.
If you haven't received your apron yet, don't give up hope. Many of our swappers got behind because of this wide spread illness. Also please remember that several of our swappers are overseas and it does take a little longer than usual for those packages to get to their destinations.
I am watching every entry and double checking to make sure each of you gets an apron.
If you don't send an apron this time I CANNOT accept you in the next swap. That is only fair.
I hate to have to say that but everyone has gone to so much effort in this swap and should be able to expect an equally fabulous treat in return.

I still haven't heard back for 6 of you.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Aprons Sent?

Sent Out your Aprons!!
Most of you have already sent your aprons. However, my list shows that some of you have not yet sent them out. Please sent them as soon as possible. Your partners can hardly stand it.
If you don't send one out, I can't let you play in the next round.
Please let me know that you got your aprons too. I am marking that off my list too.