Monday, March 23, 2009

Finish Line Giveaway

Ok ladies (and two boys),

We are down to the wire. You have one week to get your aprons made, packages filled and boxes shipped off to your partners.
Here are the rules for sending packages off.

Send your package between March 20th- 31st.

Send a clean, well made apron with some tea party goodies.

When you ship your package please let your partner know it is on the way (you have her email) and let ME know! I need to know when you ship it and need a tracking number if possible. Ladies this is just a little extra in shipping but makes a huge difference. Insurance it fabulous too if you want that back up and isn't very expensive compared to the cost of replacing a package.

Post pictures of the packages your receive or send (only after your partner has it) in the swap flicker site.

Now for the fun.
For everyone that turns in their apron, sends me notice and a delivery confirmation number by March 31st at midnight Central time, will get an entry in a fabulous apron giveaway.

Do you want to see the fabulous apron????

Well here it is!

Tea Time Apron 2

Here is the description of the apron.

Vintage Style TEA TIME Hostess Apron in Sweet Red Cherries Print:
Description-Created in keeping with popular 1950s apron designs, this apron will make your friends green with envy! With a pretty scalloped hem and cute turn-over polka dot pockets, this apron has vintage appeal that's hard to find!
This apron is made from a Sweet Red Cherries Print with a white background, and accented with hot red polka dot pockets, red sash and red trim around the entire hem. It is cut entirely on the bias for a beautiful drape, and is fully lined!
Measurements are as follows:
Finished length: 21" at center front
Total Sash is 88" long end to end
*All seams are completely enclosed for strength and durability*

Where does such a fabulous apron come from you ask??!?

Well from
SpiceRak Designs at Etsy.

Here is her Bio:
My name is Kathy, and I love to create! I've enjoyed many hobbies, but I'm always creating something, and always sewing! Sewing aprons as gifts for family and friends soon evolved into SpiceRak Designs. With the loving support and hard work of my husband, and the creative advice of our 11 year old son, we make a great team! Our original designs are inspired by vintage aprons from the 40s and 50s, with a fresh modern twist! Each apron is handcrafted with time and care, to ensure years of apron enjoyment! We love what we do, and hope you will love it, too!

Go check out her shop and leave her some Fabulous Sassy Apron Swap Love and mark her as a fave! (Why wouldn't you?!?) :o)

If you are having difficulty getting your package done and apron made, this would be a great shop to get a very fabulous Tea Party Worthy apron.

Here are some more pictures of this fabulous apron for you to drool over.

Tea Time Apron 3

Tea Time apron 1

Tea Time Apron 4

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tea Set Pins Winner

Thank you for all checking out Harley's Etsy Shop! She really is the best ever!

Our winner of the fabulous tea set pins is.....

Sandra P
Tea Set Pins
Now go give Harley's shop some Etsy love. Go and mark her shop as a favorite to say thank you for playing in our swap.

I will post another giveaway Thursday or Friday. Check back with the blog so you don't miss out.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tea Set Pins Giveaway

Another giveaway as promised.....

Tea Set Pins

My sweet friend Harley at hd artistics has made us a custom set of pins just for the swap. I have to say, I just can't resist her pins. They are so much fun to see peeping out of the tops of my favorite pincushions. I am starting to have a sweet little collection. Harley has even made up some fabulous teapots in her shop just for us. So go check her out. These pins make a great "Extra" for your swap box.

How to win.......

1. Post a comment here. = 1 entry
2. Go check out her Etsy Shop and see the wonderful things she makes, return and tell me what you love. = 1 entry
3. Blog about hdartisitic and let me know, giving Harley some fabulous blogging love. = 2 entries.
4. Buy a pin yourself and let me know. = 10 entries.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Teapot Winner

Thank you for checking in and letting me know where you stand on your aprons.

Tea Pot
The winner of the teapot is...
Irene S.
Thank you everyone for checking in and I will post another fabulous giveaway tomorrow.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekend Giveaway

Sorry I know it isn't Friday morning. Life happens and I forgot about an appointment yesterday. I do have a fabulous giveaway for you though.

Tea Pot

Over at J.Carrell's Originals she sells Teapots. I have got one of her 6 cup teapots for the weekend giveaway.

So how do you get one??
I want to hear from you. I want to know how things are going for you and your package.
So chime in here and leave a comment and get a chance to win the teapot.

She also sells marvelous tea cozies. They are so cute. Check them out while you are ate it. :o)

Tea Cozy
I will check all your entries and post a winner on Monday Night.

Tea Set Pattern Winner is....

Tea Set PDF

The lucky winner of our Tea Set Pattern PDF is....

Jenny C of OH

Yeay Jenny! Now the rest of us that didn't win can run back to the shop Ume Crafts and buy a copy for ourselves!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tea Set Pattern Giveaway

Ok I promised you another giveaway tonight. Here it is. I hope you are already familiar with the fabulous and most talented UmeCrafts aka LitlBrownBird. If not you are in for a real treat! total eye candy! She makes the most fabulous felt food patterns. I searched Etsy and found her Tea Set Pattern. It is so cute! Check it out!

Tea Set PDF

I picked this one special for our Little Miss Swapper's delight.
UmeCrafts has offered to send one of our lucky swappers the a free copy of this PDF file. I bought one myself last week and I have to tell you it is fabulous. The instructions and illustrations are wonderful and easy to follow. I can't wait to get making some. You know I have three little Divas of my own that want to play with this. We will see......

I bet you are wondering how to win aren't you? Well here goes:

1. You get one entry for posting a comment (hey you are doing your homework and checking back with the blog often and that is rewarded).
2. Go to her Etsy shop and check out all the fabulous things you can buy there and come back and post what you liked the best. (make sure you leave your name or something so I can tell it was you) :o)
3. Post something on your blog about her fabulous shop and you get 2 extra entries.
4. If you buy one of her fabulous PDFs you get and extra 10 entries. (just post a comment here telling me what you bought).

Now run along to UmeCrafts and check out all the felt goodness she has.

Oh I almost forgot you have till Thursday night to post a comment to be counted in this giveaway. I will post the winner on Friday morning.

Winner Winner

Thank you to everyone that participated in the first big giveaway! Fun responses and fun blog posts. I copied all your names down on paper, put them in a big bowel and little JEB helped me pick out a name and the name he drew was.......

Shawnee H.

No joking it was you girlfriend!

Shawnee is the new proud owner of the fabulous Teatime Apron from J Carrell Originals.

Tea Apron

Thanks again for playing in our swap giveaway. I have another one to post tonight when I have dinner done, dishes washed, kids in bed .......... Ok later when I have a minute to myself.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tea for You Apron Giveaway

I hope you are all busy getting to know each other and start working on your packages. I have heard back from all of you now. I am very excited about the pairings in this swap and hope you are enjoying your partners. This is a very different way of swapping for SAS and I am interested to see how it goes.
I am also really excited about the sponsors we have for this swap and the giveaways we have lined up. Our first two giveaways were pretty fun and I hope you have all gone and checked out their sites.
I have a new giveaway to offer you today. My friend Jan from J Carrell Originals has offered us a custom made apron just for this swap. If you haven't checked out her site yet you should! She sells beautiful aprons (I have a lovely chicken apron on black that she made for me!! thank you!). She also sells tea pot (we will have a giveaway for one of those soon) and tea cozies. If you are strapped for time (who isn't) and would like to get a fabulous apron ready-made for your partner, check out Jan's aprons. They are lovely and very affordable.
Here is the lovely Tea Cup apron that Jan so graciously made for us.

Tea Apron
Fabulous isn't it!!!??! I just love it and am so excited that she took the time to make it special for us.
Do you want one??? hee hee
Well here is what you have to get this lovely apron for your very own. To get an entry in this giveaway you have to leave comments on the blog. Before I would give an entry for just being part of the swap but I think it is more fair to honor those that take the time to come here, read up on the swap info, and take the time to give some blogging love to our sponsors. So here are the ways to get your name in this giveaway drawing:
1- Leave a comment on this blog entry and get ONE entry
2- Go to J Carrell Originals, check out her shop and see what she makes, come back to the blog and leave ANOTHER comment telling me what is your favorite product on her site. For this you get One more entry in the giveaway.
3- Go to your blog and post a blog post about this giveaway, Jan's shop and what lovely things she is doing there and get TWO additional entries (you have to post a comment here telling me about your blog post so I can check it out and give you your two extra entries).
4- If you actually Order something from Jan - an apron, a teapot, or one of her cozies - You will get TEN extra entries. Just post a comment here again with your swap name and I will check it with Jan and give you your extra 10 entries.

You have till Monday night 12:00 central time to post all your comments here and I will pick the lucky winner and blog it on Tuesday morning.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

48 Hour Reply Giveaway

Thank you to everyone that replied within 48 hours. That makes record keeping so much easier. I hope you have all taken the chance to get to know each other and have checked out each others blogs. If you will notice at the top of the blog here I have a running list of what you are up to at your blogs. Check it out. There are some pretty crafty bloggers in this group.

Ok now for our winners.

I would like to send a huge Swap Thank You to
for making these lovely Tea Totes for us.

Our first winner is

Samantha L. in NM

She wins...

Tea Tote 6

Our second winner is

Alissa D in MN

she wins...

Tea Tote 5

Our third winner is

Katie W in AR

She wins

Tea Tote 2

These tea totes would make a fabulous Tea for Two swap gift for your partner. They are so cute and usable. I think I want one! Go get yours before she sells out.

Monday, March 2, 2009

All Swapped

Ok swappers I have got everyone swapped out that I have in my Database.

Here are the swap partners. (you are also receiving an email with details but this lets you look it up quick)

Samantha L and Amy S
Martha B and Irene S.
Jeanie S and Vea M
Betty S and Lucy B
Jenny C and Deiree S
Gabi S and Cara M
Ellena O and Cynthia T
Alissa D and Sandy W
Katie W and Kelly K
Shawnee H and Grace B
Susan W and Janet C
Sandra P and Katrina D
Kebi C and Dayna W
Judi J and Debra S
Anna D and Lisa L
Glenda P and Jessica S.
Beverly E and Lucy B

Little Miss Swappers

Cari Q and Caroline B
Natlie M and Audrey W
Sarah B and Tatum H
Ana L and Macy M
Hannah B and Sarita C

Our two boy swappers
Joe B and ______ M

Now get busy and contact your swap partners and get back to me. You have 48 hours to reply to the email I send you. I need to know that you have received your partner assignment and that you have contacted them.

I have a fabulous giveaway for those that do respond in time. The lucky winners will walk away with....

a lovely Tea Tote from The Cookie Jar.
Here are the three Tea Totes she has generously shared with us.
Tea Tote 5

Tea Tote 6
Tea Tote 2
Here is the description of the Tea Totes.
Tea totes are a tea lovers best friend. They keep your favorite teas at your fingertips, and hold them snug so they don't get lost in the never ending abyss that is your purse, or if you're like me, smashed and broken in your back pocket. All tea totes are sturdy and close quickly and easily with an elastic band. Each is unique and features a vintage button - no two are ever exactly the same. Love that!
Teas in photo are not included, sorry.Measurements: 3" x 4.25" closed
Care: hand wash warm, lay flat to dry, warm iron if needed

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Tea for Two Swap is now Closed

I want to send out a big warm Welcome to all my new swappers and my returning friends (if you have swapped with me before, do count you as friends). :o)

I will spend the weekend swapping each of you out. (and sniffling and drinking hot lemonade). I will post your partners on Monday.

Now for the winner of the sing-up giveaway.

Our first winner is......

Amy S.

She gets to go to The Whispering Winds Teas shop at Etsy and pick out her favorite tea blend.

Watch the blog for Monday's post about partners. If your name does not appear on the sidebar, please contact me and we will figure it out. I am human and do make little mistakes and if there was an oversight in the sign-up process, we can fix it.
Lucy B