Friday, July 25, 2008


Yes the swap door is closing so hurry and get your last minute names in. You know I am a push over and will let you in but when I post the partenrs it is officially shut so Hurry UP!

I know a lot of you newbies to the swap are worried that I haven't got your entry yet. Don't panic. I am super busy and there are a ton of you that signed up just this week. I will be entering the last of you this weekend and will try to have you your partners by August first.
Doesn't that sound like a long time?? Well it takes a few days to enter all of you into the data base, chase five kids, 7 goats, 3 cats, 2 dogs and 35 chickens and one husband. They all think they need to be fed too. So I should have you all entered by Monday at the latest and will start swapping you out. That takes a couple of days because I have to triple check every name to make sure I didn't give you yourself as a partner. (yes I did that once, it was a typo but it still happened, sorry!) :o) So to ensure I don't do that sad thing to you, I print it all out and check and check to make sure it is all perfect. :o)
In the mean time....... check out your links to make sure they work, watch for your name to show up, and check each other's blogs out. There are some really crafty ladies in this swap. It is going to be so exciting!!!! I can't wait to get you all swapped up.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Time Is Running OUT

Now is your Last Chance to sign-up for the Fall round of the Sassy Apron Swap. The swap closes July 25th.
If you have been thinking about it but just haven't decided, now it your time to do it.
Go to this post and follow the directions.
I can't wait to see how this swap goes. There are so many great aprons makers here already.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sewing Basics

Home Ec
I would like to offer a little more help to my swappers this time around. As I mentioned in the sign-up, you don't have to be an expert seamstress BUT I do expect you to have passed 8th grade Home Ec. Sadly in our country, if you are younger than 30 chances are that you did not get any Home Economics in your schooling. Sad but true. So there is a generation of potential seamstresses that are teaching themselves. I basically did that but I did have a mother looking over my shoulder correcting my mistakes and teaching me new techniques. I also was the only one that had to wear my learning mistakes.
I would like to offer up so little bits of help throughout this swap.
To start with, I found some great tips and tutorials at
You Can Sew This. They range from how to sew a seam to how to install a zipper. Go check them out. They also have really wonderful clothing patterns that are all instant downloads which is most gratifying to the attention deficit want to sew now kinda girl I am. :o)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Want to advertise your own Etsy store? or your website?
I'm looking for a sponsors for a couple of contests, so if you sell something related to aprons, kitchen items, flirty fun stuff, or foodie things please consider donating an item to the swap in exchange for a little free advertising!
If you are interested please contact me or leave a comment with a link back to you.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fall Sassy Apron Swap Sign-Up

Fall Leaves

Sign-Up Open till July 25, 2008

Fall seems so far away but I am looking forward to cooler weather.
It is time to Sign up for the Fall Sassy Apron Swap!!
I have already had people signing up and I haven’t yet posted the rules. :o)

The theme for this swap is fall. Since fall here in the Sates means holiday cooking I am making some requirements. Holiday baking, especially Thanks Giving cooking, is very messy so this apron has to stand up to the heavy work of good cooking. :o)

Here is the list of requirements:

1. It has to be a hand made bib (or full coverage) apron. Smocks are accepted too. NO HALF APRONS. The fabrics must be 100% cotton.
2. The apron must be durable (this doesn’t mean heavy fabric just it must stand up to washing, wiping hands and messy cooking.)
3. The apron’s theme is Fall or Autumn. This does not mean a certain fall holiday unless your partner asks for that. Not all our swappers are from the same place and not all celebrate the same holidays so please keep that in mind.
4. Since it if for the baking season, a hot pad or pot holder must be included. This is the extra thing this time. It should also be hand made by you or another crafter. It can be sewn, knit or crochet. I guess if there are other kinds, they are welcome too.
5. You must include your favorite pie recipe. If you haven’t noticed I am just a little fond of pie. So…. I would like you to send a copy of your recipe to my email address. One of our swappers has agreed to help put these into a little cookbook to be made available to the swappers at a later date.
6. Your aprons must be in the mail and on their way NO later than September 1st.

Here are some more things I would like you to consider before joining this swap.

To join in this swap you don’t have to be an expert seamstress, but you do need to be experienced enough to pull a nice apron off. I expect an apron that would pass in 8th Grade Home Ec. I don’t expect an A but at least passable.
I don’t want to get too fussy here and scare anyone off. I love to see the work of new seamstresses and have had some as partners in swaps and have loved the work they do. It is fresh and full of enthusiasm. If you feel that your work isn’t good enough you can also swap an apron made by another crafter. There are many at Etsy worth buying from. Just be sure to give credit where it is due and honor the apron artist.

To join this swap you will need to send me an email at this address, with ALL of the following information:
(please don’t lump all your information together, it makes data processing so very difficult for me).

1. Full name:
2. Mailing address:
3. Blog address:
4. Email address (just one please): (PLEASE include this it saves me so much time if you do)
5. Other swaps you have participated in (if you have not swapped with me previously):
6. Give one color you like:
7. Give one color you dislike:
8. Fabric style you like and dislike (ie., pastels, brights, jewel tones, florals, batiks, etc):
9. What is your dress size? (with a full apron you need to be sure that all your bits are covered)
10. List anyone you would rather not get an apron from. (like your sister, mother, former swap partners, etc.)
11. Do you want your apron to be holiday related? (if yes, specify which holiday, Thanks Giving, Halloween, Labor day, etc.)
12 Are you Willing to ship internationally or do you prefer within your continent. (I forgot to add this at first)

Please try to remember that there is a THEME. I really enjoyed seeing the many interpretations we had of summer and can't wait to see fall. How do you do fall in an apron? Think color, think cool temperatures, think family gatherings, outdoor splendor, baking, etc.

Pay attention to deadlines. You MUST send your apron out on time or I won't be able to let you play again.- Your partner will be working very hard to make something for you.

You really should contact your partner after receiving your apron and tell them THANK YOU! If you can't get to their blog, you should have a return address on the box your apron comes in. Send them a note, email, or blog post to let them know you got it and to say thank you. I had so many people this time feel sad that they never heard if their partner liked their apron or not.

-If you feel that you can't make it for what ever reasons, LET ME KNOW. I can work with you and if you have to drop out, it will give me time to get a substitute aproner to fill in.
- If I don't hear back from you in a timely manner - meaning I have tried to contact you multiple times and have received NO answer when I send out partners, I will assume you have dropped and will remove your name and move on.