Monday, August 11, 2008

Get Busy!

Ok You should all have your swap partners by now. If you don't have it I need to know now. There are many of you that have not sent me a reply yet saying that you got it. There are more than 50 than haven't responded yet and if it takes me 2 minutes each to send an email out (because I am slow) that is 100 minutes. It adds up. So please let me know that you have your partner. I am working with a couple of you to get it through because your email won't let it through.
Here is the list of people I don't have marked off yet. If your name is on this list I need to know if you did get your partner information. I will remove your name as soon as I have heard from you. If your name is on here and you did contact me, then I haven't marked you off for some reason and you slipped through my inbox. I get 500+ emails everyday from swappers, clients, and my three yahoo groups. So occasionally I delete the wrong one. If that happened please send it again or leave a post with your swap name so I can mark you off.
Thanks so much! :o)

Thanks for taking a minute to let me know you got it.

Now get busy and make your aprons. You have 3 weeks to get it done and shipped off.
We already have two aprons done and on their way. I am most impressed. Good job Ladies!!!
Now back to picking the perfect fabric.
Remember you can let the fabric do the theme work for you. I went to JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby this past week and they had fabulous fall fabric, to die for stuff. Go check out what is near you. There is some great stuff out there.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Done Swapped

Ok that took a lot longer than I wanted it to. But I am now done and have emailed everyone of you your partner information. If you haven't received it please go check your junk or bulk mail first. If it still isn't there then email me and I will send it again. There were some problems with a couple of the addresses I had here on file. Sorry if one of them was you.
If you have any other problems like your link doesn't work, or I somehow forgot your name on the sidebar (I think there were a couple that got missed due to a computer glitch this morning and I haven't had time to sit down with the list and check each one to make sure you are all there.) There should be 143 of us if I counted right on my database, less than last time but still enough to make anyone nuts to organize.
Well I am off to bed. I can't think straight anymore and am not sure my sentences are making sense anymore. There is a fresh copy of Breaking Dawn waiting for me to open. Yes I have been resisting it's calls all day so I could get your partners to you because I know you were not reading it too in eager anticipation of your partner's name and info. (What you have been reading it all day?!? I am crushed!!) hee hee I hope someone out there got to read it today. :o)
I almost forgot, please reply back that you got your partner info in the next 48 hours please that helps my record keeping so much and saves me time. Please make sure your name is included so I can just mark you off the list instead of hunting up your blog, your email address or your sister's brother-in-law's, cousin's friend to find your name. You think I am kidding yes it can be that hard to figure out which Jennifer or Sarah I am talking to. :o)

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Swap Is Now Closed

I am sending out the swap partner e-mails today. It will most likely take all day. If you haven't heard from me by tomorrow morning you can email me and let me know.
Some of the names are not yet on the list. They will be there as soon as possible. My Internet was down for two days and I am just now back into cyber space! Thank Heaven! I don't know what I did before the Internet but life without it sure is weird!
So don't panic if your name isn't on the side yet. I have entered every name I have received so far and and working all day to get the partners out.