Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Next Swap Date

The next sign-up for the Sassy Apron Swap will start on July 14th. I have a reunion coming up next week and so am taking some time for family and don't have time to be scrambling with masses of emails right then. :o)
So mark your calender and get in on the next swap.
The theme is Fall and Pies will be involved. I am a pie junkie! So keep tuned and join in the fall fun.
The aprons will be due around September 1st.

About the Summer swap.
Thank you to all of you that sent your aprons off. I really appreciate your hard work.
There are still 26 aprons missing. (thanks to those that keep reporting in we have located 6more aprons since I posted this)
(that means they haven't reached their destinations yet or have not been reported) Some of the aprons have not been sent at all. I am sorry but if I have difficulty with you and your apron sending, I will not be able to let you play again. This swap is entered into and run on good faith and it is sad that we have 32 apron missing. Some of those have been accounted for and we are watching them being sent now or again, however most of them are unaccounted for. This is disappointing.
Please contact me if you haven't so far. I really need to get this wrapped up so I can spend a fun week with my family playing Knights and Princesses with the kids.
Thank you
Lucy B

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Aprons Not Arrived Yet

There are 32 aprons that have not arrived at their destination yet. (or are not noted on my list because you haven't let me know) (there are 5 of you that I haven't heard from at all.) Please sign in.
Several of these are in rout and we are watching for them. If you have received your apron and haven't told me yet, please do because I don't rest until I see them all home. :o)
If you haven't sent one yet, please do. Your partner made a beautiful one in good faith and sent it out. They would like one in return.

I will update these numbers daily.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Please Report Back

OK from what I have been able to track, most of the aprons have been sent along their way or are going out this weekend.
I still haven't heard from about 20% of you. Not bad but it would make my life easier if you would contact me here or in an email and let me know that you have sent and received your apron. I would like to know if you have not received your apron by now. I can then contact your partner and put the squeeze on them. :o)
Seriously, if you don't send out your apron in a timely manner, I can't let you play next time. I hate to do that but it is only fair. There have been some extenuating circumstances and I understand that and appreciate those that contacted me and explained.
Lucy B