Friday, May 16, 2008

Aprons Done

Several of our apron swappers are already done and have sent off their aprons. If you haven't already made your (don't worry, I am in that boat) you can go ahead and make yours now. It will save you so much trouble in the end to get it sent off early . No fussing with deadlines and I don't have to spend HOURS tracking each of you down to see if you sent your apron. Also please remember to let me know when you GET your apron so I can check that off the list. This also helps set your partners mind at rest.
By the way, I got my apron from Paige yesterday and it is fabulous.

Sassy Apron swap from paige 3
You can read all about it at my blog My Byrd House. It is too cute and she really spoiled me with kindness.


jillytacy said...

Your apron is great! I just finished mine and am posting pictures on my blog. Now I just need to get it in the mail this week. I'll let you know when it goes out. Thanks again for organizing this swap. It was so much fun creating an apron!

sarahross said...

Oooooh! I love it. I'm finishing up my apron tonight.

val said...

that is precious.

Sequana said...

My little oilcloth apron is going out to my partner this morning.