Friday, June 13, 2008

Please Report Back

OK from what I have been able to track, most of the aprons have been sent along their way or are going out this weekend.
I still haven't heard from about 20% of you. Not bad but it would make my life easier if you would contact me here or in an email and let me know that you have sent and received your apron. I would like to know if you have not received your apron by now. I can then contact your partner and put the squeeze on them. :o)
Seriously, if you don't send out your apron in a timely manner, I can't let you play next time. I hate to do that but it is only fair. There have been some extenuating circumstances and I understand that and appreciate those that contacted me and explained.
Lucy B


Bella said...

Lucy...I have posted mine everywhere and forgot to tell you...sorry, I received mine from Mellissa A.

Karen B

Danetta said...

Hi Lucy
I sent mine out 10 days ago but haven't heard that is was received.

I did receive mine from Cindy H

Dj said...

I have sent and received. However, I have not heard if mine was received or not.

hollyhm said...

I also never heard if mine was received. Hope so!