Friday, December 26, 2008

Valentine swap 4

Hello, all my swapping friends!
It is time for a new swap for a new year.
My dear friend Shawnee, of the Flirty Apron Swap, and I are teaming up together to offer you the Sassy/Flirty Apron Swap.
The name of the swap is
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!
It is a Valentine's Day apron swap.
Think Pink, Pink Pink!
Red and white work too. :o)
To sign up for this swap, click on the buy now button to be directed to the registration form.
I should tell you now that this swap is different from the other swaps I have done with you.
This apron swap has a $5 charge.
I know this is different from the ones I have done with you in the past.
The $5 is kind of a swap insurance if you want to call it that. The money goes to help provide fabulous prized and to help cover apron angel expenses. The payment is set up through paypal. If you can't do paypal I can work with you, just contact me and we will figure it out. :o)
Sign-ups run from now till January 9th or until the swap fills up so get your spot now. We can only take a limited number this month and next month.
For more information about the swap check out the new swap blog at Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!

There are two teams for this swap for sign up and organizational convenience for me and Shawnee. You will all be entered into the same swap regardless of what person you sign up under. The team bit just helps me and Shawneed keep track of people and hopefully cut down on our work loads.

FYI Sassy Apron swappers:

This swap does not take the place of the regular Sassy Apron Swaps I will do next year it is just an extra fun thing I am doing with Shawnee. My next Sassy Apron Swap will begin around the first of February so mark your calendar and come back for some very exciting new things we will be doing. I hope you like them!


sisjulie1 said...

Will your swap in February have a fee?

John and Marissa said...

Hi! I just paid through paypal, and it didn't take me to a registration form...? Looking forward to participating. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,
I just paid through pay-pal and I to missed the registration form. The email attached to pay pal is different than the email with my blog.


Princess Of Pink said...

I hope that someone will finally give me an answer to my question about my previous apron swap! I have NOT received an apron, nor did the person to whom I sent an apron acknowledge anything.
Can someone answer me??

Sara said...

Hola Lucy,
I am and live in Mexico and would love to participate in the Valentine's swap, whoever I cannot use paypal. A friend from the US is in town and when she goes back she could mail you a check or money order. Could you please email me your address?
Thank you! I look forward to participating.

Lucy said...

Sarah, I would be happy to but need your email address. You can go to my profile here and should be able to email me from there.
Lucy B

Bevie! said...

Hi there, Bevie here...I am new here....and am not sure if I am doing everything right....don't have a blog yet, however I do have a blog site...thingy...? Heeheehee...anyway, I paid via paypal, and wasn't directed to any form of directions either...Should I be doing anything else?! Plz advise, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,I am new to this,I would love to join the swap!Can I send you a money order? Also can vintage flowered feed sacks be used for the apron? Rosa Miller

Liberty said...

I believe I signed up for this swap but I just found out that I will be out of town for a couple weeks and I just am not going to have time to do it. I payed through paypal 5$, is there any way to get that refunded?
Here is my email if needed.

cakegirl said...

I have not heard from my swap partner, Toebi in WA. After all the work a simple thank you is in order.Swappers should go to Foxgloves, fabric and folly for a very explicit explanation of what is required of a swapper.