Monday, March 2, 2009

All Swapped

Ok swappers I have got everyone swapped out that I have in my Database.

Here are the swap partners. (you are also receiving an email with details but this lets you look it up quick)

Samantha L and Amy S
Martha B and Irene S.
Jeanie S and Vea M
Betty S and Lucy B
Jenny C and Deiree S
Gabi S and Cara M
Ellena O and Cynthia T
Alissa D and Sandy W
Katie W and Kelly K
Shawnee H and Grace B
Susan W and Janet C
Sandra P and Katrina D
Kebi C and Dayna W
Judi J and Debra S
Anna D and Lisa L
Glenda P and Jessica S.
Beverly E and Lucy B

Little Miss Swappers

Cari Q and Caroline B
Natlie M and Audrey W
Sarah B and Tatum H
Ana L and Macy M
Hannah B and Sarita C

Our two boy swappers
Joe B and ______ M

Now get busy and contact your swap partners and get back to me. You have 48 hours to reply to the email I send you. I need to know that you have received your partner assignment and that you have contacted them.

I have a fabulous giveaway for those that do respond in time. The lucky winners will walk away with....

a lovely Tea Tote from The Cookie Jar.
Here are the three Tea Totes she has generously shared with us.
Tea Tote 5

Tea Tote 6
Tea Tote 2
Here is the description of the Tea Totes.
Tea totes are a tea lovers best friend. They keep your favorite teas at your fingertips, and hold them snug so they don't get lost in the never ending abyss that is your purse, or if you're like me, smashed and broken in your back pocket. All tea totes are sturdy and close quickly and easily with an elastic band. Each is unique and features a vintage button - no two are ever exactly the same. Love that!
Teas in photo are not included, sorry.Measurements: 3" x 4.25" closed
Care: hand wash warm, lay flat to dry, warm iron if needed


Kebi Cedawna said...

Thanks for getting all the swapping done. I'm excited to get the sewing underway!
I'm still waiting on the email then I'll shoot one back to ya.
Have a great Monday everyone!

Tim, Anna, and Abram Denney said...

I haven't recieved an email yet. I hope I didn't type the address wrong. Just in case my email address is

Shawnee said...

This will be great fun!