Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Flu

I have contacted everyone that I haven't heard from yet. There has been some pretty terrible flu going around here in the USA. Many of our swappers have been hit very hard or their families have. I got a really deep cough but missed the chills and fever. My family got hit though.
If you haven't received your apron yet, don't give up hope. Many of our swappers got behind because of this wide spread illness. Also please remember that several of our swappers are overseas and it does take a little longer than usual for those packages to get to their destinations.
I am watching every entry and double checking to make sure each of you gets an apron.
If you don't send an apron this time I CANNOT accept you in the next swap. That is only fair.
I hate to have to say that but everyone has gone to so much effort in this swap and should be able to expect an equally fabulous treat in return.

I still haven't heard back for 6 of you.


Tracey said...

Are you holding off on drawing for the apron til you hear from more peeps? Thanks!!!

kathi d said...

I didn't notify you, but I did send my apron and it was received by my partner. Don't have mine yet. Thanks! You've done a good job!

Frieda said...

I sent my apron out and it was received, but have not gotten mine yet.

Fabricated Goddess said...

Okay, I have a very dumb question (that I should have asked BEFORE I sent my apron), were we supposed to tell our swap partner who we are? I sent my apron but I wasn't sure if she was supposed to be my partner for all of the swaps and therefore didn't identify myself. Argh. I'm so silly.

TXPride said...

Lucy, I am concerned that my partner might not have received her apron. I mailed it the third week of Feb. and I have been watching her blog but have seen nothing about her receiving her apron. Have you heard anything?
Thanks for your hard work.
Pam S

diane said...

I sent out mine, my partner loved it...but I forgot to include a soup recipe! Instead, I put in a typed cardboard with a story about "Grandma's apron" by anonymous.
I enjoyed this swap very much; it inspired me to keep making aprons. Thanks!

QuirkyKim said...

I did receive my wonderful apron from Melissa (wondermommy). I posted the thank you and pics of my daughter and I wearing my fun apron that Melissa sent! Obviously, we were not wearing it at the same time! (smile) I also sent mine, and Christy S. did blog that she received. She said she will post pics soon. QuirkyKim Banta

Jennifer said...

I sent mine out and I hope my partner received it ok. She doesn't have a blog so I have no way of knowing if she's received it or not.

I haven't received my apron yet but am looking forward to it.

Thanks for organizing this swap. It has been such fun!

Jennifer Woodward :)

Donnell said...

I sent my apron. It was well received. She posted on my blog.

I have not received my apron though. If I get it sometime this week I'll be able to let know but if it arrives after the 14th I won't be able to let you know for another week.

Lovie said...

I got mine yesterday. It's a sweetheart. I am going to blog about it. I wish I were more computer literate and I would post on the flicker site.

I sent my apron out on Feb 27 to my partner. I haven't heard anything and she doesn't have a blog. have you heard from her?

Cynthia said...

I sent you an email, but I just want to make sure you know that I recieved my apron from Megan. I also sent mine on March 1 but I do not know if Shannon recieved it cause she doesn't really blog.

I am so excited to do the next one. Please post the theme soon cause I have to go 50 miles to buy fabric. I have to plan way ahead for sewing projects!

Thanks for doing all of this, especially while you had so much family stuff to deal with in the middle of it all.

Anonymous said...

Frieda Z. will receive her apron today...unless the postman lied to me about the delivery date:)

Lola...again said...

I sent my apron out on the due date, and it has been recieved. I have also recieved my lovelie!! Thanks again for the great swap!!

Sarah said...

I sent mine out a few weeks ago, and have not heard from my partner although I hope she received it and loved it!
Still waiting for mine and can't wait!
I had so much fun doing this!
Sarah S.

Frieda said...

i received my apron from Heather yesterday. I will post pictures later today.

Giabella Designs said...

I still haven't received my apron. I also have not heard from my swap partner. Sent hers out last Thursday!

Heather said...

My partner (Frieda) recieved her apron.

I have not received mine though..:(

Heather said...

Apron Recieved! Thanks!

Heather B