Saturday, April 19, 2008

Swap is Closed

The swap did officially close on the 15th. :o)
I am finishing up the swappings and doing the job of double checking each swapping to make sure I didn't leave anyone out, give someone 2 partners, or some other nonsense that I seem to be prone to. :o)
There are a lot of new swappers this time around.
Reminder, if you didn't send me a new enrolment email, you didn't automatically get signed up again. If you think there was a mistake or you missed that somehow, please to contact me now. I don't want anyone to feel bad.


Sequana said...

Just a quick THANK YOU again for taking this all on. It's such fun for us swappers, but know that we appreciate all the organizing you do. *S*

Annie N.

Meg said...

Hi! I sent an email on the 15th, but still haven't heard anything. Is that a no?

sisjulie1 said...

Just wanted to leave a couple of links I found that might get the creative juices flowing. I like several of these aprons!

Marylois said...

I'm looking forward to finding out who I get the make an apron for this time.