Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sewing Basics

Home Ec
I would like to offer a little more help to my swappers this time around. As I mentioned in the sign-up, you don't have to be an expert seamstress BUT I do expect you to have passed 8th grade Home Ec. Sadly in our country, if you are younger than 30 chances are that you did not get any Home Economics in your schooling. Sad but true. So there is a generation of potential seamstresses that are teaching themselves. I basically did that but I did have a mother looking over my shoulder correcting my mistakes and teaching me new techniques. I also was the only one that had to wear my learning mistakes.
I would like to offer up so little bits of help throughout this swap.
To start with, I found some great tips and tutorials at
You Can Sew This. They range from how to sew a seam to how to install a zipper. Go check them out. They also have really wonderful clothing patterns that are all instant downloads which is most gratifying to the attention deficit want to sew now kinda girl I am. :o)


jillytacy said...

I fall into this category of people who never had home economics. It is sad! Sewing and needle arts are being lost because of this. I'm teaching myself to sew and trying to learn to crochet so I can teach my daughter someday.

leaner said...

I took home ec in 8th grade, but I learned to sew from my mother. I thank her regularly for giving me that basis in sewing and can not wait to start teaching my own daughters!