Saturday, July 19, 2008

Want to advertise your own Etsy store? or your website?
I'm looking for a sponsors for a couple of contests, so if you sell something related to aprons, kitchen items, flirty fun stuff, or foodie things please consider donating an item to the swap in exchange for a little free advertising!
If you are interested please contact me or leave a comment with a link back to you.


Cara said...

I'd be interested, I can't play this time - so this would be cool! :D

2- Sweet Boutique said...

I would be interested also. I don't have much kitchen stuff on my etsy site right now, but have aprons and napkins sets to post this week.

Crochetoholic said...

I am definitely interested and would like to make an apron to donate...I am just starting to make aprons and I have tons of bags and updating my Etsy yes I would gladly like the free advertizing...


Teresa said...

I would be interested. I just set up my etsy shop this past week, and have some aprons. Right now, the only kitchen item I sell in my etsy shop is aprons. Here is my blog and my etsy site.

Jenny said...

I would love to participate! I have a store that sells colorful hair clips in various school colors (university colors right now).

I would be happy to send you a LOT of these hair clips as I have a lot in my stash. My website only allows me to show 5 items at a time currently, but I am hoping to build my business up enough to show more items and incorporate items for boys (can't forget the boys!).

I think that this would be a good opportunity if you think it would be something you are interested in. Please view my current clips in the shop:

I can make any colors that you like so if you or anyone you know is a fan of a certain college or university, let me know what colors you would like to have donated and I'll make them!

I think that this would fall into your category of flirty fun!

Thanks a bunch!