Thursday, October 9, 2008

Time Is Running OUT

If you have been debating whether to join or not, now is your last call. The swap officially closes tomorrow night, Friday Oct. 10th.

Winter Apron Swap

If you have signed up for the swap and DO NOT see your name over on the side bar as a swapper then you need to get a hold of me ASAP. I have entered every name that I have found. There is a chance that a stray name has slipped into the trash bin with a ton of SPAM so please alert me now if your name isn't there.

Also it would appear that we are in need of some Apron Angels. There are some swappers that just aren't going to be getting an apron. If you are feeling generous and would love to help a sister in need, please contact me and I will get you paired up with a sad swapper that still doesn't have an apron. Don't panic about the list on the side. 14 of those swappers are ones that just haven't reported back to let me know they got their apron. Some of those on the list however have real swapping flakes for partners or their wonderful aprons have been officially listed as Missing and just didn't make it to their destination. This is so sad because I have seen several of the pictures of those that were sent and they were fabulous.

*** Word to the Wise Swapper***
Yes it costs a couple of bucks more to ship that way but it is SO worth the safety of knowing that your package was tracked and delivered.


Shannon said...

Hey Lucy, it's Shannon in Utah. I finally had to just send mine by mail. I mailed it on Saturday, have you got it yet? I see that Kira signed up too, she's my daughter so you probably won't want to pair me up with her. Thanks

Lucy said...

Got it! You can send me information through Kira. Just email her and have her forward it to me. You can also check your setting. That may be why it isn't coming through. I can't see any problems on this end.

Joanna said...

I don't see my name on the list of swappers who didn't get their fall apron. Just thought I'd let you know, in case mine is still out there somewhere! :(
josilva3 at yahoo dot com.

Christian said...

My name is there, but it doesn't link to my blog. I don't know if that matters or not. Also, I am willing to make an apron for the ladies who didn't get theirs.