Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Winter Sassy Apron Swap Sign-Up

Winter Apron Swap

Sing-ups open till October 10th. Partners will be sent out on October 20th. Apron packages are due for shipping on December 1st.

It is October 1st and time to sign up for the next round of the Sassy Apron Swap.

**** This is a holiday themed swap****

This is our final swap for the year. Who knows what next year will bring.
I thought and thought about what my favorite bits of winter are and couldn't come up with a theme. Then while I was making half a million cookies for our community's fall festival it hit me that one of my favorite things about winter and the holiday season is making cookies with my family. It is one of my earliest tradition memories and one that I still carry on today with my own children.
So the theme of the Winter Sassy Apron Swap is Cookies.
Here is how it at will work.

  • You will make a cookie/winter/holiday themed apron, full or half, be creative. It can be holiday related if you like. Please refer to your partner's preferences.
  • You will include at least one favorite cookie recipe. The is a great way to share a family tradition. I can't pick just one so my partner might just get a few cookie recipes.
  • You must include a cookie cutter.
  • You are free to include any other little treats you would like that relate to the theme such as favored sugars, sprinkles, specialty chocolate chips, etc.
  • Please include a had written note about your apron selection, cookie traditions, what ever. Just make it personal so your partner has a chance to get to know you. It will be fabulous!

Swap Rules:

  1. All aprons must be hand-made. If you can't sew well enough to pass 8th grade home economics, then buy one from one of the many etsy crafters.
  2. Your apron should be made of 100% cotton fabric that has been pre washed to prevent color bleeding and shrinking of the finished apron.
  3. You package must be in the mail to your partner no later than Monday December 1st.

Here are some more things I would like you to consider before joining this swap.To join in this swap you don’t have to be an expert seamstress, but you do need to be experienced enough to pull a nice apron off. I expect an apron that would pass in 8th Grade Home Ec. I don’t expect an A but at least passable.I don’t want to get too fussy here and scare anyone off. I love to see the work of new seamstresses and have had some as partners in swaps and have loved the work they do. It is fresh and full of enthusiasm. If you feel that your work isn’t good enough you can also swap an apron made by another crafter. There are many at Etsy worth buying from. Just be sure to give credit where it is due and honor the apron artist.

To join this swap you will need to send me an email at this address, with ALL of the following information:
(please don’t lump all your information together, it makes data processing so very difficult for me). It works best for me if you will please just copy and paste the list below to your email and just fill in the blanks.
1. Full name:

2. Mailing address:

3. Blog address:

4. Email address (just one please): (PLEASE include this it saves me so much time if you do)

5. Other swaps you have participated in (if you have not swapped with me previously):Preferences:

6. Give one color you like:

7. Give one color you dislike:

8. Fabric style you like and dislike (ie., pastels, brights, jewel tones, florals, batiks, etc):

9. What is your dress size? (with a full apron you need to be sure that all your bits are covered)

10. List anyone you would rather not get an apron from. (like your sister, mother, former swap partners, etc.)

11. How holiday do you want your apron to be? (a double sided apron can be Christmas and Winter themed) (remember that I do not require a double sided apron, just a suggestion)

12 Are you Willing to ship internationally or do you prefer within your continent.

Please try to remember that there is a THEME. This theme is a little more specific than the last ones have been. I debated what I should do here and decided to go with the holiday theme. I love Christmas and since this is my swap I will do what makes me happy. :o) I am sorry if this excludes anyone. Remember that there will be more swaps next year with many more themes.

If you have participated in my swaps in the past and have not followed through with your packages, I will not be able to let you play at this time. Sorry but it is only fair.
Thanks and I can't wait to see who participates this time.


Jenny in Utah said...

I don't have a Christmas Apron yet - this will be fun! LOVED my fall experience.

queen of everything said...

so excited about this one. i don't have a Christmas apron

micki said...

I signed up again :) woohoo

Yarni Gras! said...

I'm in again too! WHEEEEE!

Emily said...

I just sent you an email, and an alternate contact email this time in case I have issues again getting my mail. Thanks for hosting!!

Jen Sue Wild said...

You know I will be in.. Now I just need to send my info.

Harley Dee said...

I couldn't resist, I had to join :)

Shannon said...

I don't know why I can't get an e-mail to go through to you, it keeps telling me you are a invalid recipient. I got your e-mail today though without no problems. It must be somethings to do with my service. I'm mad! Can you e-mail me your mailing address and I'll send my info out in the mail? Thanks, Shannon,

mommyholly said...

Oh this sounds like SO much fun- I am off to send you an email!!! I am so IN! :) xo!

Tulsi said...

I love to sew. I would love to join in.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to join in! I need a Christmas apron! I'm sending you an email right now!

Marla @ Stolen Bon Bons said...

I would love to join and just sent you my questionnaire.

Princess Of Pink said...

OH I love aprons! I am sending the questionnaire right now.

Hugs from Marian from the Netherlands

Becca said...

Oh my, I just sent in my info and felt all nervous/excited about it.