Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Junior Category

Tea for Two
While chatting with my niece today she told me about how much fun she had in the SSEN Apron swap that just got finished up and how much fun it was to get a package all to herself. She also told me how interested her little girl (age 6) was in the package and how she asked her if she would please join in another one of the Fabulous swaps but give her partner her name instead so she could get a wonderful apron in the mail and little peppermints in a box just for her. :o) Well as her great Auntie I couldn't say no. So ...... drum roll please.... I have added a junior category to the swap.
Children may be entered by an adult that will be helping them fill the box for another tea party enthusiast. I thought it would be fun for the little girls to get to know each other and write or something. I am not posting links to the little girls names to protect their privacy but they will be sent their partners links in an email at swap time.
To enter a child, just fill the child's name in (one per entry) and in the notes about the swapper please fill in the child's information.
We need to know their:
favorite colors
favorite treats
Fill out all the questions as for the child.
I also need to know the adult's information as to who you are so I know who to talk to about packages and such. Fill in that info in the notes to the swap mama slot.
The sewing ability applies to YOU not the Child obviously so I can pair seamstresses equally.

Remember you have until Friday to sign up.
This Junior category is a new thing and we will see how it goes. We usually only have mom's sign up and make aprons for #'s of kids not kids doing packages for kids.


Danetta said...

What a great Auntie you are! I hope to be back in the swap circuit soon!

Piper Paradise said...

Is this an additional $5 to the one I already paid to register?