Monday, February 16, 2009

Tea for Two Sassy Apron Swap

Today is the start of the sign-ups for the Tea for Two SAS.

The theme of the swap is a Tea Party. This swap does have a swap fee. The swap is treated more like an apron swap club. The fee is $5. This insures you a package as it covers all angel needs for the group. It also goes to providing some fun prizes along the way. There will be some big drawing for those that do what is needed on time such as respond to emails promptly, get their packages off early and on time. Those that post pictures and such. We will also do a swap scavenger hunt where you get to know more about each other.
This swap is not going to be a secret swap. You WILL know who your partner is and she will know who you are. You will be having your own private tea party. :o) Enough chatter and on to how it will all work.

To join the swap you need to click on the paypal Icon here or on the sidebar and pay your $5 and you will be directed from there to the Sign-up form.

The sign-ups run from today, Feb 16th to Friday Feb 27th.
I will swap you all out and give you your partners on Monday March 2nd.

You will then get with your partner and get to know her. and then get started on making your tea party package.

The apron packages will be due on Monday March 30th. That gives you 4 full weeks to get your packaged done and shipped out.
Packages cannot be shipped before March 20th. I love it when people get right on the job and get their aprons done but half of the fun is the waiting for your package and wondering what your partner is up to. So don't ship before the 20th unless you are an international swapper.

Package Requirements - (Please read so you know what you have signed up for.)
I want to keep this simple.

You must make and send a lovely Tea Party themed apron.
It should be made from 100% cotton.
It should be washed and Ironed and ready go.
Your apron should be free of pet hair and smoke.
Make sure that what you send it something that you would be excited to receive.

You can also add in things that are tea party themed.
Small treats
A fun tea cup
Tea, herbal tea or lemon aid (not all of us are tea drinkers)
Some fun frilly little bit of linens that you like.
Just make it fun and not too expensive.


J said...

This sounds like a lot of fun. I love tea parties!! I'm all signed up.

Thanks for hosting another great swap!

Betty aka Fudgie said...

Lucy...I will send in my $$ next week. I had to have my debit/check card replaced, new number and all.

martha said...

Hi I am happy to join in a new swap, tho I am still waiting for my lost package from the february swap. Hopefully this will have better luck.
I love tea parties. What a good idea for a swap! this will be fun!

Katmom said...

count me in, I LOVE Tea Parties...& love any excuse to go shopping for fun fabric!
Heading over to PayPal now....

Dayna said...

Okay - Paid my money but it didn't direct me to the sign up! Help Lucy!!!!! I don't want to be left behind!

grandmarockton said...

I'd like to join in too! I love tea, and like to have TEA partys tooooooooo. sandra

elm said...

OH NO!! I just paid on Paypal, and the form says that I cannot enter my information any longer. It is just after 10 PM on Friday evening in Pacific Time. I was planning to enter both myself and my daughter... Please help! Thanks. Erica