Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last Giveaways

Busy Bee
I want to thank all of you for being such Busy Bees.
Almost all the aprons are done and on their way. I have heard from most of you and know that there are a couple of unavoidable delays but the aprons are headed toward their destinations. So if you haven't got it yet, watch for your postman and let me and your partner know when you get them. :o)
I have two more thank you gifts to send out to you swappers. Every swapper gets a chance at these but you can up your chances by posting.
Giveaway number one is....
Mary Kay
It is a luscious body lotion in the fragrance of Exotic Passion fruit from Mary Kay. Our friendly Mary Kay dealer is miss Ana L.'s mom. You can visit her Mary Kay site and check out other fabulous products and if you buy from her you are helping along another stay-at-home mom. Rebecca has a marvelous blog, Marvelous Pigs in Satin, where she posts crazy stories about her children and some pretty wicked NON-diet recipes for days when you just need some comfort food. (she also manages to stay pretty skinny too.)
The other prize I have for you is from one of our fellow swappers, and my BFF, Vea M.
Coaster set
We are getting this lovely quilted coaster set from Vea. It is so lovely and so well made.
You can see more of her creations at her newly opened Etsy Store Prairie Village. Vea is also a Stay-at-Home mom that has fabulous sewing, painting, quilting, designing and cooking skills. She has also recently stared up a new blog called...
.... where she posts great money saving tips and recipes. She has raised 8 children for very little money and is sharing her fabulous secrets which we can all use right now. Go check out her new blog and her Etsy shop and leave some great blog love her way. She is off this weekend helping her daughter and daughter-in-law man (or woman) a booth at the Norman Oklahoma Renaissance Festival. Them make gorgeous corset costumes. They can make you drop 2 dress sizes with a really good cinch of the strings. (I know I tried it!)
To win you get an entry for being part of the swap.
You can get extra entries by...
-posting a comment here (1 extra)
-go visit their shops and come leave a comment about your favorite thing there (1extra)
-post a blog entry about them and the giveaway and let me know in a comment here (5 extra entries)
- buy something from them and let me know (10 extra entries)


Kebi Cedawna said...

I'm from OK, just a little too far from Norman though. I bet the Festival will be a blast!
Thanks to the hostesses, these are some great gifts.
Also, a huge huge huge thank you to my partner Dayna W. I got my package today and was blown away! She did a fabulous job. I'm so lucky to have been her partner :)

Kebi Cedawna said...

Oh my goodness! I checked out Ana's Mary Kay site. Free Sample! Free Gift! and Free Shipping! I love the MK microdermabrasion set. When I run out, Ana will definitely by my go-to girl!
I also checked out Vea's shop. I love that the backing on these coasters is made from recycled denim. I love it when stuff is re-purposed or reused.
I also am a follower to Vea's blog, I look forward to hearing more stories on living frugally! Maybe one day she'll teach us how to make soap.

JJ said...

FyI Debra S in New York has recieved her apron that I send her.

jstrick4him said...

the coasters are so cute!
I am looking foward to following Vea's blog! I need all the help I can get being "penny-wise".
Thanks again for hosting, It was alot of fun.

Jessica Strickland

JJ said...

I have also received my apron from Debra In New York

Judi J Utah

Turtles In Alaska said...

Lucy, I tried emailing you baut am wondering if you received it or if it went to spam? I need to get an adress from you to send off an apron to my partner in your last swap. Ü. I thinks its time she got it since I am sure the purse doesnt work so well as an apron.Ü