Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thank You!!

The swap time is now officially up. All the beautiful aprons should be done, packaged and shipped on their way to their partners. Please check the sidebar for your name and your swap status. That is what I have in my records (minus any typo's I might have made). So if your have sent your apron and it doesn't say so, then you need to let me know and make sure I know.
I also need to know who has received their aprons as well. Here is where my job gets easy (you help me and send me your information) or it gets hard (I have to track you down, ferret and apron out of you and get one sent off to your partner). :o)

Ok enough of that. Let's find out who is the big time winner of the apron swap "Got my package off on time" giveaway. (oh yes and let Lucy know I did the above!)

Out of 45 swappers we have 30 aprons sent!!! That is really great actually. If you are one of the 15 I will be getting in touch with you real soon. :o)

Tea Time Apron 2

So our Winner is........

Anna D in CA (Holy Cow!)


If you hadn't checked out Anna's blog yet, she is expecting twin girls in July. What a fun treat to have to herself. (the apron I mean).


Piper Paradise said...

I have sent and received mine. My partner received hers on Monday. Thanks for hosting another great swap!!

Tim, Anna, and Abram Denney said...

I totally didn't think I would win this!!!! Yay!! I will love it forever!!! Thanks. : )